iGame Dream Builder首曝:进入游戏整机的时代 (iGame Dream Builder first revealed: a new era of DIY PC)


2015年6月份,中国大陆电脑硬件厂商七彩虹在台北电脑展大放异彩,盛邀国内外媒体参与Game PC+高峰论坛会,大谈游戏时代真实玩家的需求与渴望,以旗下高端子品牌iGame正式发布iGame Dream Builder(iGame梦工厂)高端游戏水冷整机平台。

In June 2015, Colorful Technology and Development Company (“Colorful”)

madea splendid exhibition at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015 by inviting top media from both China and other countries and regions to attend its Game PC+Summit Forumand holding talks about what users really desire when it launched the High-end DIY PC platform ofiGame Dream Builder




iGame Dream Builder将时下最火热的游戏之一《英雄联盟》游戏中的英雄标志性元素融入游戏整机,水冷配色以红、蓝阵营为主更容易将玩家带入游戏环境。特定英雄的元素对于热爱这款游戏的玩家而言一眼便可识别。官方透露了两款整机的相关配置,并以“这就是我”一个酷酷的宣传,表达玩家个性,匹配每一位个性的玩家,鼓励每一位玩家做Only One。

iGame Dream Builder platform features Iconic elements of heroes from LOL, the most popular game currently around the world , creating an amicable surroundings with both red and blue cooling designs , which is easy to identify at first glance for LOL fans. The specification of the two system were revealed, and a fancy marketing slogan “to be yourself” was selected for gamers’ self-expression and being the Only One



产品正式开始日期有待官方核实,但iGame创始人用一段简短的话激发了每一个人的个性:每个人出生时都是原创的,但渐渐地很多人就活成了盗版,你是不是也一样?iGame Dream Builder鼓励每一位玩家做最真实的自己,太张扬、太谨慎、太优柔寡断,英雄所见略有不同,太不巧,这就是我。

The final release date was not announced, but iGame founder inspired everyone with a passionate short speech:  every person is born special, but many live gradually into being identical.Are you one of them?iGame Dream Buildermomentum encourages each gamer to be the real himself or herself, by Flamboyant, modest, irresolute,independentself-presentation