3DMark CPU Profile

We’re expanding 3DMark today by adding a  CPU benchmarks. CPU benchmarks.

The 3DMark CPU Profile introduces a new approach to CPU benchmarking. Instead of producing a single score, the 3DMark CPU Profile shows you how CPU performance scales and changes with the number of cores and threads used.

The CPU Profile has six tests, each of which uses a different number of threads. The benchmark starts by using all available threads. It then repeats using 16 threads, 8 threads, 4 threads, 2 threads, and ends with a single-threaded test.

These six tests help you benchmark and compare CPU performance for a range of threading levels. They also provide a better way to compare different CPU models by looking at the results from thread levels they have in common.

The 3DMark CPU Profile shows you how your CPU scores compare with other results from the same processor. It’s a great way to check if your CPU is performing as expected.



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